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Welcome to North Star Academy!

At North Star Academy, we inspire and prepare every student to love learning, achieve ambitious goals, and make positive contributions to the world. We provide an alternative approach to learning through project-based learning or online learning. We do this with two different programs - online and in-person project based learning.

At North Star Academy, students can:

  • Take one class at time so they can focus;
  • Learn when they want and where they want, even on weekends and holidays;
  • Accelerate graduation or catch up on credits easily;
  • Meet face to face with experienced teachers who hold certifications in the curriculum delivered for whatever amount of time needed, whenever needed within normal business hours;
  • Connect with schools staff onsite for extra content help or college and career planning

Experienced Teachers

Teachers are all highly-experienced educators who are advocates for students. They are flexible and open-minded and recognize every student can learn and every student is deserving of a quality education. The environment at North Star Academy is student focused and the friendly, productive atmosphere is grounded in mutual respect.

North Star Beyond: Project Based Learning

The Beyond Program is project-based learning has smaller class sizes, relevant learning and cooperative learning. We focus on developing students' 21st Century Skills of creativity, communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. Furthermore, students will learn some important life skills such as nutrition, cooking, personal financial literacy, gardening, computer science, and basic vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting. Our teachers are passionate about fostering positive relationships with students and families and providing engaging real-life lessons for students.

Grades 9-12

  • Students who need freedom from the social pressure of high school but still crave social interaction in a smaller setting.
  • Students who want to minimize exposure to negative interactions.
  • Students who want supportive relationships with adults and peers.
  • Students who enjoy hands-on, collaborative, interactive learning projects.
  • Students who prefer smaller class sizes.
  • Students who enjoy learning outside the walls of school.
  • Students who need an abbreviated day at school.

Meaningful Contributors in Tulsa and beyond: We earn respect and give respect. We lead with love and compassion for others. We accept that what we do impacts our neighborhood, country, and world. We take this responsibility with us wherever we go.

Resourceful learners in a rapidly changing world: We have learned how to learn and we use that skill to tackle school and life. We know that lasting success comes from collaboration, so we work to understand ourselves and others. We strive for success, learn from failure, and in all cases, persist. We thrive, even in uncertainty, because opportunity and challenge go hand-in-hand.

Designers of our own life journey: We understand and draw confidence from our identity and worth. We tackle problems and create our own solutions. We take ownership of our life, advocate for ourselves, and follow our imagination. Life is full of surprises, so we are firm in our goals but flexible in our plans.

North Star Academy Online

Grades 6-12

North Star Academy accepts applications throughout the school year for students in grades 6-12. We have helped thousands of high school students get on track and graduate. At North Star Academy Online, students take one class at a time to gain credits. This allows students to have a laser focus and complete credits quicker than a traditional school.

North Star Academy is proud to offer a different school experience. Students can learn where they want and when they want! While the primary mode of instruction is online, our team is dedicated to holding students accountable for being successful by providing one on one assistance and tutoring with coursework. Certified teachers are available to help students in-person, or via zoom, phone, or email. We offer students the opportunity to accelerate graduation and/or recover credits and/or enjoy a flexible school experience. We are committed to cultivating relationships with students by focusing on academic success, career exploration, and celebrations.


North Star Academy may be an ideal place for students who are not thriving in the traditional school setting. Furthermore, students who want to accelerate credits or may lack credits can find a home at North Star Academy. Students at North Star Academy can earn up to 8 credits (sometimes more if they are motivated) in a regular school year. Most traditional schools are limited to offering 6-7 credits a year. 

North Star Academy

525 East 46th Street N
Tulsa, OK 74126
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Phone: 918-746-6770

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