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Our mission is to inspire and prepare every student to love learning, achieve ambitious goals, and make positive contributions to the world.

Alternative Online Education

Our school provides an alternative learning approach for Tulsa students in grades 6-12. Students enrolled in our school use a web-based learning platform that allows them a customized path to success balanced with accountability, structure, and caring teachers.

North Star Academy offers a unique hybrid of virtual learning and face-to-face interaction with certified teachers. In addition, we have supports in place for students with special needs, students navigating mental health challenges, English language learners, and other students who may need non-traditional learning experiences to be successful.

Stay connected

For online students, we know it can be a challenge to stay connected with your peers. We focus on the whole child and provide opportunities for students to connect with their peers in a variety of outlets.

North Star Academy students collaborate with teachers, parents, and their families to develop a personalized success plan that includes a path to connectivity. In addition, North Star Academy hosts monthly student voice forums to hear from students and assess their needs. North Star Academy students can also participate in athletics and extracurricular activities at neighborhood schools in the district.

Flexible and personalized

North Star Academy offers an abbreviated school day and flexible school hours for students with complex and demanding lives. 

Each student receives personalized attention from teachers and administrators to help guide their careers at North Star Academy and help them on their graduation timeline -- usually faster than they would have at a traditional school.

North Star Academy Beyond

In August 2019, 35 freshman students became the founding class of a new program in our school -- North Star Academy Beyond. Through this program, every student is assigned a mentor who meets with them regularly and coaches them through academic and real-world challenges. Students are also given the choice to work on real projects -- inside and outside the classroom -- that help their community and are based on their interests. Students will see firsthand different types of jobs and options for their future including college, technical school, community college, and work. 

North Star Academy Beyond will expand as students move to the next grade level. 

Dedicated Staff

Our staff is dedicated to holding students accountable for being successful -- regardless of whether they are taking classes online or in a classroom. We offer students the opportunity to accelerate graduation, recover credits, and/or enjoy a different school experience. We are committed to cultivating relationships with students by focusing on academic success, career exploration, and celebrations.



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North Star Academy
525 E 46th St N
Tulsa, OK 74126