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Dress Code

Dress code for non-project days for in-person students:

Tulsa Public Schools states all students should wear a uniform: Updated July 6, 2022

  • Any polo
  • Mid-length shorts, skirts
  • Slacks of any color

Style of clothing on project days for in-person students and online students visiting campus:

Students should consider modesty when choosing clothing for school. Clothing should cover your body so as not to reveal your underwear or inappropriate body parts - this applies to sagging, low-cut shirts, and high-cut skirts and shorts. If your fingers extend past the end of your shorts or skirt, it may be too short.

Any students wearing clothing to school with images depicting drugs, alcohol, weapons or explicit sexuality will be asked to change. Repeatedly wearing these items to school will result in restorative conference, finding ways to repair harm to the school community, and the possible completion of restorative tasks.

Things to be kept in mind when deciding what to wear to school on project days:

  • Could your clothing possibly offend someone else with inappropriate words or pictures? If yes, then you should not wear it to school.
  • Do your fingers, when put at your side, extend past the bottom of your shorts or skirt? If so, you may need to change into something longer.
  • Shirts are to be always worn in school.
  • No crop-tops or any clothing that exposes the abdomen.
  • Any apparel which the administration determines to be unacceptable considering community standards is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to clothing which offends or disrupts the educational process.
North Star Academy has a clothing closet to assist students in need.

accessories & extras

  • Flip-flops, shower shoes & slides are not allowed
  • Distracting hair styles to be determined at the discretion of school admin
  • No chain wallets or watches
  • Any items with drug/alcohol references, gang insignia, reference to weapons and violence, belts with bullet casings as decor as well as as bandanas, not allowed
  • No clothing with graphics or logos
  • No jeans with holes in them
  • No sagging pants
  • No hats