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The school dress for all students should be neat, appropriate, and acceptable for school wear. Any dress or style that is provocative, disruptive, or extreme is not considered acceptable. To further clarify this statement, the following guidelines are given: 

Clothing Above the Waist

  • Shirts that are see-through, or with inappropriate or vulgar illustrations, or words that are sexual in nature, or that make reference to illegal drugs, or advertise tobacco or alcohol products shall not be worn.
  • Shirts should cover the body in a manner that shows no visible cleavage, torso, or underwear.
  • Tops & dresses with visible shoulder straps should be more than 1 ½” in width.

Clothing below the Waist

  • The article of clothing worn below the waist must be appropriate as determined by counselors and administration.
  • Sagging is not allowed.
  • Shorts must have at least a 5 inch inseam length (Sliders or compression shorts may not be worn as shorts).
  • Dresses and skirts must have a length longer than half the distance between the knee and top of leg.
  • Under garments must not be worn as outer garments. (i.e. boxer shorts cannot be worn as outer dress.)
  • No visible undergarments are allowed. 


  • The state law requires students to wear shoes during the hours that school is in session and when they are participating in or on the school grounds.
  • All shoes should have rubber or leather soles on the bottom.

accessories & extras

  • Flip-flops, shower shoes & slides are not allowed
  • Distracting hair styles to be determined at the discretion of school admin
  • No chain wallets or watches
  • Any items with drug/alcohol references, gang insignia, reference to weapons and violence, belts with bullet casings as decor as well as as bandanas, not allowed
  • No clothing with graphics or logos
  • No jeans with holes in them
  • No sagging pants
  • No hats